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Larry Hirshberg: Home

Next Shows: Missoula Brewing Company, aka, Highlander, Friday 12/2. 

Took a break from recording this summer. What we have is 10 or 11 mostly finished songs. Still working on scheduling the harmony singers. Starting to think about mixing and mastering and all that stuff. New record by.... whenever it's ready, gang! Lots of good stuff on there at this point, though. Be patient!


For spur-of-the-moment, not for sale, new AND old, "unreleased" music, you will have a great time listening to some of my stuff at Soundcloud.

Almost ALL of my previous releases, many available now ONLY as downloads, can be streamed or taken at Bandcamp. There's a TON of records there, and this is your BIG source for Larry tunes.

Certain Molecules' record intratomic, is at our Bandcamp page

Anyway - do get in touch with me if you want to say hi, or especially if you need a little words, music, guitar playing action at your next function.

Oh, and I'm on Facebook, too. Click the button to follow me…