Larry Hirshberg



Up Next: Ten Spoon Vineyard +Winery, here in Missoula on Friday, December 13th. 6-8 pm.


A variety, ever changing, of live recordings, home improvs, studio stuff, new demos, older "lost" songs, and other sounds of interest can be found on my Soundcloud page. 


Almost ALL of my "official" releases, many available now ONLY as downloads, can be streamed or taken at Bandcamp. There's a TON of records there - grab 'em up!

I also play electric guitar with Brute Finesse, an amazing group of folks creating experimental hip hop that sounds like NOBODY ELSE, can be seen and heard here 


Certain Molecules' record intratomic, is at our Bandcamp page


I am totally available for HOUSE CONCERTS and other private functions. Hit me up!