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Mine Shaft Pasty Company in Hamilton, Friday, 3/24 5:30-8:30. First ever gig at a pasty place! Gonna be something!

LIVE RECORD IS HAPPENING! Recordings from seven venues and about seven months of shows have been curated, mastered and combined with some nice artwork into a CD. Estimated date of arrival from the manufacturer is 3/27-4/3. May appear on Bandcamp before that, though. The record is called... wait for it... "LIVE." Heh. I had a couple of poetic titles for it, but decided to keep it simple. Stay tuned!



I have been recording my shows on and off for some months now, and have posted a few very-much-representative-of-my-actual-live-sound tracks on my Soundcloud page. Other live and studio recordings, and older, un-album-affiliated tracks and such are over there, too.

Almost ALL of my previous "official" releases, many available now ONLY as downloads, can be streamed or taken at Bandcamp. There's a TON of records there - grab 'em up!

Certain Molecules' record intratomic, is at our Bandcamp page

I am totally available for HOUSE CONCERTS and other private functions. Hit me up!

Oh, and I'm on Facebook, too. Click the button to follow me…