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Larry Hirshberg: News

Bitterroot Brewing! - October 19, 2006

Well. I finally played at the legendary Bitterroot Brewing last night. Nice crowd, great folks both both behind the bar and the grill, and in the audience as well. Thanks to Renee and Tim for having me, looks like I'll be back there before my already booked December date, too. I'm really enjoying the solo gigs these days - finally learning a lot of my songs that before now had been written, but not performed much (at least for a while.) There's SO MANY SONGS! Anyway - check the calendar and head to Hamilton if you can for the next show there. A pleasant time to be had by all.

July, and There's Music Everywhere! - July 13, 2006

Halfway through July already! Wow. Last I checked it was still lilac time. Ah, well, the vagaries of time perception will never get old. Ummm, or something. Anyway.....

Ceramic Chicken is cranking up at Liquid Planet tomorrow night, Friday July 14th. And then I head to Somers to play at the Cajun Street Festival with Mike Bader on Saturday night. And soon enough The Trillionaires appear at Out To Lunch AND Downtown Tonight here in Missoula - July 26th and 27th. Be there.

It's Bader time! - May 15, 2006

Mike Bader is back from his tour of the Midwest, and we resumed the blues playing at The Robin, in the Baxter hotel in Bozeman on Friday. Had much fun, and P-Razz, a hot singing gal friend of BZ was in da house. Sat in on a few numbers and danced like in a video on most of the other ones. A fun time was had by all.

Bader gigs Wed, Fri, and Sat this week. See the calendar for specifics.

Sweet Symes Hotel - May 1, 2006

Hey everyone. Had a great time playing at the Symes Saturday night. Didn't even use the PA. Just stood in the lobby and played for the usual small but great "crowd." I'd say at least 25 percent of the audience bought CDs. And I'd say thanks, and leave it at that. I love Hot Springs.

Ceramic Chicken Debuts - April 29, 2006

Ha. Played the Western Montana Humane Society benefit auction last night at The Holiday Inn. Did the show acoustic, and had Travis and Tyson back me up. To differentiate between The Trillionaires rock show and the acoustic, more folky, more shuffling stuff, Travis and Tyson will, from here on out, be known as Ceramic Chicken when the show is acoustic and they are with me. "Ceramic Chicken?" you may say. It comes from a song of mine, Johnny Morgan's Brother, wherein the titular main character uses the Heimlich maneuver to save a young child, and is rewarded with a shopping spree in the child's dad's pawnshop. Johnny M's bro hooks himself up with a "ceramic chicken that fills his soul with peace." Long story. Anyway, the WMHS show was fun - not a lot of music was played due to the auction, but we met a lot of nice folks, and enjoyed the high-rolling dancers as well.

Thank You Missoula Downtown Association - April 26, 2006

Amazing. We got the gig. And then we got the gig. MDA called today to tell me that The Trillionaires will be playing Out To Lunch on 7/26, AND Downtown Tonight the following night, 7/27. Who'd a thunk it?

Here we go! - April 25, 2006 is back! And SO MUCH BETTER than before, yes? I wonder how fresh I can keep it? We shall see. Please sign the guestbook, and keep in touch.

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