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Larry Hirshberg debuts at Limberlost Brewing!

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Limberlost Brewing, 1017 Main St, Thompson Falls, MT

Haven't played in Thompson Falls since Th' Spectacles played at The Boondoggler. Th' Spectacles' last show was in 1999, and The Boondoggler no longer exists, as far as i know. So... it's been a while! Can't wait to meet the Limberlost peeps, and blow their minds with my music.

Larry Hirshberg At The Springs, Philipsburg Brewing.

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Philipsburg Brewing Co. - The Springs, 106 Brewery Rd, Philipsburg, MT

When I played at The Springs in the fall, it was Mining Days or some such celebratory whoop-de-doo. The event culminated in the random, startling, unimaginably loud blowing of an old mine horn, about 4 meters from my head - or, to put it another way, about a mile closer to me than I would have been comfortable with. I feel confident that won't happen again at this show. One reason why I love Philipsburg, and the people there, is because they too, occasionally go too far.