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I've started booking some shows for Spring and Summer, as they get closer, they will appear on this page.

I HAVE done some writing and recording during the pandemic - LOTS of new things over at Bandcamp. Go there now.

Also, I did some live streaming from home at the beginning of The Pandemic, and collected a bunch of highlights, and posted them on YouTube. Check it out! See you soon. And hang in there!


Stream or Buy Music At Bandcamp and Soundcloud

In addition to my regular solo, looping, singing, jamming all original songs gigs, I play electric guitar with Brute Finesse, an amazing group of folks creating experimental hip hop that sounds like NOBODY ELSE, can be seen and heard here 

I love to do house concerts, play in odd venues, do outdoor shows in the woods where there's power...whatever. Add me to your adventure, won't you?


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Enjoying a live performance or a stream? Don't want to get up and walk to the tip jar, or don't want to handle cash? This is here for you!

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