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Rumour Tap Room Debut

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Rumour Restaurant (TAP ROOM), 1855 Stephens, Missoula, MT

Have played the restaurant and now... the other room! Testing one, two, test... I love Tuesday in town shows, no matter where they are. See you over there!

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Kold Kootenai!

Cabinet Mountain Brewing, 206 Mineral Ave., Libby, MT

It's been a wonderful winter, so far, hasn't it? Let's hang in Libby's Living Room and follow the music to Spring!

If You Like It, Cash In The Basket Says It All.


Valentines Day Ski Gig!

Great Divide Ski Area, 7385 Belmont Dr, Marysville, MT

Though I've never been to Great Divide, as a skier or an "entertainer," I have a feeling this is going to be an epic evening. Over the hills and through the woods, for sure!

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