Deep Honey Is Here!

Well, Not Really Here....

It's a 13 song CD.  Right - do you have a CD player?

Cool, good. If you'd like to hear the  disc, you gotta get one at a show, or contact me (easy to find online!) and we'll arrange to get you one.

Listen to "Intro," the last track on the album, here:

Upcoming Shows!

Larry Hirshberg at Cabinet Mountain Brewing

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Cabinet Mountain Brewing, 206 Mineral Ave., Libby, MT

Solstice Show! Traditional Montana weather for June 21 ranges from "The nicest day of the year" to I'll be in for lunch, after I get done shoveling the driveway." so....will I play inside? Outside? Will I still have my snow tires on my car? Probably! Will I find my fingers singing like meadowlarks, and my heart circling like a Red Tail on a thermal? Anything is possible. Sweater weather? Sweaty pits? Solstice show!


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In addition to my regular solo, looping, singing, jamming all original songs gigs, I play electric guitar with Brute Finesse, an amazing group of folks creating experimental hip hop that sounds like NOBODY ELSE, can be seen and heard here 

I love to do house concerts, play in odd venues, do outdoor shows in the woods where there's power...whatever. Add me to your adventure, won't you?



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