Deep Honey Is Here!

Well, Not Really Here....

It's a 13 song CD.  Right - do you have a CD player?

Cool, good. If you'd like to hear the  disc, you gotta get one at a show, or contact me (easy to find online!) and we'll arrange to get you one.

Listen to "Intro," the last track on the album, here:

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Larry Hirshberg Markets The Intangibles at The Clark Fork Market.

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Clark Fork River Market, 101 Carousel Drive, Missoula, MT 59801

Today would have been my Dad's 97th birthday. He only saw me play music a few times, when I was a guitar player in a jug band in Boston in the early 9Os. Really, the most supportive thing he did for me, musically, was lend me money so I could buy my second guitar pedal, an Ibanez AD9, in Eugene in 1982. I like to remember him on his birthday.

Wait - This is supposed to be where I give you details of the show I am playing.... Oh, I guess I just did. Let's get some coffee and shop for veggies and stuff. It's a beautiful summer day - I'll make your soundtrack.


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In addition to my regular solo, looping, singing, jamming all original songs gigs, I play electric guitar with Brute Finesse, an amazing group of folks creating experimental hip hop that sounds like NOBODY ELSE, can be seen and heard here 

I love to do house concerts, play in odd venues, do outdoor shows in the woods where there's power...whatever. Add me to your adventure, won't you?



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